Miron Galić

They search in 7he Cloud but we 0nly hide in Snow
Photo-documentation, text.

“A video-ID is a unique combination of characters, placed at the end of every URL of every video uploaded on YouTube. Although limited to a length of eleven characters, a near infinite amount of possible ID’s exists, allowing one to create combinations which are yet to be generated by YouTube’s algorithm.

On a winter night in 2021, the author of this text left his apartment to write one of his personally created video-ID’s into a thin layer of snow; It was written to refer to a currently non existent YouTube video that may or may not be uploaded in the future.

Ultimately, the snow melted into liquid, before rejoining the sky in order to become part of a cloud again. A photograph of the piece in its written state was printed out and joined by a printed version of this text.”